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Zenbivy FAQ - You Ask, We Answer!

Zenbivy FAQ - You Ask, We Answer!

The Zenbivy Bed is the first hybrid sleeping bag of its kind — so naturally that leads to a few questions! We wanted to take a moment to answer some of our most frequently asked questions. In-depth! Let's get started...

Q: "I'm a side-sleeper/stomach-sleeper, will the Zenbivy Bed work for me?"

A: Absolutely! Zenbivy was founded with a clear mission to create the most comfortable and versatile outdoor bedding the world has ever seen. We believe that no matter what type of outdoor adventure you seek, you perform better when you’re truly rested. 

So whether you like to sleep on your back, side, or stomach, whether you toss-and-turn or sleep like a rock, we believe a sleeping bag should conform to your sleeping habits rather than you having to conform to its limitations. That's why we created our Beds — to let you sleep in any position you want!

Q: "What is the difference between the Zenbivy Bed and the Zenbivy Light Bed?"

A: Both the original Zenbivy Bed and the Zenbivy Light Bed are 2-piece designs: a sheet that attaches to your mattress and a convertible top quilt that then attaches to the sheet. The original Zenbivy Bed is designed for ultimate comfort and the Light Bed for maximum comfort at the lowest possible weight.

A full comparison between the styles can be found here. Two of the main differences are that the original Zenbivy Bed has an ultra-soft pongee lining and zippers while the Zenbivy Light Bed has a nylon taffeta lining and uses hooks and loops to attach. 

Q: "What is included with each Bed?"

A: Our original Zenbivy Bed includes the fitted sheet, quilt, and a large mesh storage bag for long term storage between trips. Mattress, pillow, dry sack, and compression caps are all sold separately.

To build a Zenbivy Light Bed, the Light Quilt and Light Sheet are sold as separate items. You can mix-and-match the temperature ratings and sizes of these as needed. The Light Quilt will come with a large mesh storage bag for long term storage between trips. Mattress, pillow, dry sack, and compression caps are all sold separately.

The Zenbivy MotoBed™ comes complete with quilt, sheet, dual-layer mattress, pillowcase, and convenient carry bag. The only thing missing is your favorite pillow from home!

Q: "Which temperature rating should I get?"

A: When choosing a temperature rating, simply match the comfort rating* to the lowest temperature you're likely to encounter and pair it with an R5 mattress (such as our Flex Mattress or Light Mattress).  Note that if you're someone who is always cold, it makes a ton of sense to add 10-15 degrees to the comfort rating. This usually means buying the next warmer bag than recommended. It is also essential to choose a size that is large enough. Larger quilts are always warmer. It's easy to be too cold in a quilt or Bed that is too small!

* The comfort ratings for our Beds can be found under the Specs + Materials tab on each product page. 

Lots of bags work when it's cold out, but how many also work when it's warm? The Zenbivy Bed is technically not a "bag" and that allows it to adapt to temperatures better than any one sleeping bag can. You can open it up flat and use it like a blanket when it's warm or zip the foot box shut and fully "tuck in" on a cold night. In need of a nice cooling draft? Undo the foot box drawstring and let that cool air in! The Zenbivy Bed makes regulating your sleep temperature simple.

Q: "Can I use the Light Quilt on its own without the Light Sheet?"

A: Yes, absolutely! The foot box on our Light Quilts hook together without integrating the sheet at all. Simply form the foot box, put your legs in, and "tuck" the upper two edges of the quilt around either side of you. This is a great option for ultra-light backpackers or if you just want to shed some extra ounces on warmer trips.

Q: "What's the difference between the Flex Mattress and Light Mattress?"

A: Our horizontally-cored foam Flex Mattress has a 4-way stretch fabric top that allows it to “flex” with your shape and movement. The top feels softer and more supportive than other camp mattresses - even at firm air pressures. Our Light Mattress is ideal for those that backpack often. It is both lighter and more compact than the Flex Mattress. Compared to other ultralight mattresses on the market, the Light Mattress is quiet and warm with 180g of fully baffled synthetic insulation.

Both the Flex Mattress and Light Mattress have a reversible valve. Pop it in on the  "inflate" side to keep the air in as you inflate it. With our slow-deflation feature, you can then push the center of the valve to adjust the mattress to your perfect comfort level. The valve can be completely removed to quickly dump air, then inserted backwards (on the "deflate" side) when rolling to keep the air out. Both Mattresses also have a full R-value of 5 or higher. And no more huffing and puffing! Both include an Inflation Dry Sack for quick, easy inflation.

Q: "I already have a mattress, will the sheet fit on it?"

A: While we cannot guarantee a perfect fit on any mattress except our own, our sheets are designed to fit most mattresses on the market, whether it's a standard rectangular shape or a tapered/mummy style. We offer sheets in the following sizes: 20x72, 25x77, and 30x80*. They best fit mattresses up to 3 inches thick but there is a little wiggle room with that. A 4 inch thick mat is pushing it though! The corners will be pretty squished at that point.

* There is no 30x80 Light Sheet, our 30x80 sheet size is only available in the original Zenbivy Bed.

Keep in mind our sheets do not stretch. So for example, if your sleeping pad is 25" x 72" you will need to get the 25x77 sheet as the 20x72 sheet will not stretch to fit the 25 inch width. "But what about the extra 5 inches of length", you ask? There is an elastic strip along the bottom edge of the sheet that will help take up that excess length along with two adjustable clip straps that secure underneath to keep everything in place.

If you are not sure which size sheet will work best with your current mattress, send us a message! We're happy to help.

Still curious about something? Pop into our chat box in the bottom corner of our website. We're real people on the other end and we're happy to help! You can also send us an email at and we'll respond within 1 business day (though usually sooner...and often on weekends as well)

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