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Which Temperature Rating Is Right for You?

Which Temperature Rating Is Right for You?

With a variety of ratings to choose from, selecting the temperature rating that's right for you can feel like a huge decision, but it's simpler than it seems! All you need to do is match the comfort rating* to the lowest temperature you're likely to encounter and pair it with an R5 mattress (such as our Flex Mattress or Light Mattress) to make sure you are insulated from below as well. 

* The comfort rating is the limit rating plus about 10°. Both can be found under the Specs tab on each product page. 


"What if I'm a cold sleeper?"

If you're someone who is always cold, it makes a ton of sense to add 10-15 degrees to the comfort rating when comparing it to the temperatures you will encounter. Alternatively, you can choose to integrate a down jacket into your sleep system. It is also essential to choose a size that is large enough. Larger quilts are always warmer and more comfortable. It's easy to be too cold under a quilt that is too small!

"Will I get too hot in the summer?"

Lots of bags work when it's cold out, but how many also work when it's warm? The Zenbivy Bed is technically not a "bag" and that allows it to adapt to temperatures better than any one sleeping bag can. Its patented 2-piece design allows you to open the top quilt flat and use it like a blanket when it's warm out or zip the foot box shut and fully "tuck in" on a cold night. In need of an easy, cool breeze? Undo the foot box drawstring and let that cool air in! The Zenbivy Bed makes regulating your sleep temperature simple.


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