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Save up to 30% on sleeping bags, mattresses, and accessories! Elevate your outdoor sleep and get ready to get out this summer—comfortably. Sale ends May 30th. Valid on in-stock sizes/colors only.

The original Zenbivy Bed is our classic. It's the ideal choice for the backpacker that wants maximum comfort and convenience in the backcountry.

The Light Bed is ultra-comfortable and ultralight. It's a perfect choice for backpackers that want comfort and versatility at the lowest weight and bulk.

Sleep with your partner, not just next to them. The new Zenbivy Double Beds feature a generously-sized Double Quilt—complete with our legendary Pongee lining—that functions and feels just like your comforter at home. The double-wide fitted sheet holds either one double mattress OR two single mattresses securely in place.

Pre-order through Memorial Day and save 10%!

Let us build your sleep system for you! Complete Bed Bundles include everything you need to get outdoors comfortably—quilt, sheet, mattress, pillow, and compression—all in one easy click. Did we mention all bundles have FREE shipping?!

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