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    How to build and pack your Bed bundle

    Beds consist of a quilt + fitted sheet. Add a mattress and pillow to complete your setup. The quilt, sheet, and pillow will pack and compress in a dry sack. Roll and store the mattress in its included* inflation dry sack. *The Base Mattress does not include an Inflation Dry Sack.

    Don't want to build your setup from scratch? We've got you covered. Get everything you need to get out on your next adventure comfortably in one neat and complete Bed Bundle.

    Shop Complete Bed Bundles

    Fast Footbox™ vs. Convertible Footbox

    The Fast Footbox™ is our simplest, lightest, and quickest. With a single clip and minimal fuss, it easily converts from warm “mummy mode” to spacious “wide mode”.

    In addition to both mummy and wide modes, our Convertible Footbox also unclips to lay completely flat. The Convertible Footbox provides maximum versatility in warmer temperatures and when used with accessories.

    Looking for a car camping bed?

    The MotoBed™ is the easiest, fastest, most comfortable camp bed ever designed. Comfort shouldn't be a hassle. The sheet on the MotoBed fully encases a mattress of your choice, so you just roll it out, inflate the mattress, and hit the hay!

    Looking for a couple's sleep system?

    The Luxe Bed Double 25° is optimized for car camping couples, offering a fully-Pongee fitted sheet to match the comfortable lining of the Zenbivy Double Quilt. The Light Bed Double 25° is designed for backpacking lovers looking for a cozy couple's sleep system at minimal weight.