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Sleep in a Bed, Not a Bag

Our Two-Piece Sleep System Lets You Sleep in Any Position, Just Like Your Bed at Home

A Zenbivy bed is not a mummy bag or a quilt—it's a bed. Built like your bed at home with a sheet below you and a quilt above, our patented design allows for the most comfortable night’s sleep in the backcountry, without constriction and without drafts. It's the only complete backcountry sleep system on the market that's draft-free, lightweight, comfortable, versatile, and warm.

When paired together, the Zenbivy Bed quilt and sheet create a complete sleeping "bag" that's just as light and warm as any mummy bag, but offers far more versatility, comfort, and space to move around at night.

Other Quilts Can’t Compare; Our Patented Design Blocks Drafts Without Adding Constriction

With Zenbivy’s patented 2-piece design, the quilt attaches to a lightweight sheet with built-in draft shield. This unique combination allows the quilt to “float” naturally above you all the while keeping it tucked at your sides and around your shoulders to block all drafts without adding any constriction.

How It Works

  • Together, the hood and wings of the sheet create a draft shield. Attaching your quilt to the draft shield keeps it "tucked" at your sides to block drafts and guides the corners of the quilt into the hood to seal in warmth around your neck and shoulders.

  • The sides of the draft shield function as hinges, allowing the quilt to move freely, expanding and settling naturally while keeping the quilt from falling off the mattress. This unique design instantly gives you space when you need it and the ability to wrap the quilt snuggly around you when you want it.

Explore All Features & Tech

  • Kylie-Curve™

    Other quilts have a drawstring running the full width of the quilt. When cinched, it’ll shorten, lifting the sides and letting in drafts. The baffle-backed Kylie-curve™ cinches only the center of a Zenbivy quilt, leaving either side loose to drape around you or tuck into the hood to block drafts around your shoulders.

  • Fast Footbox™

    Unlike sewn footboxes that restrict your movement and do not vent, Zenbivy’s patent-pending Fast Footbox™ uses a single clip that allows it to expand for more space or narrow for more warmth.

  • Convertible Footbox

    The convertible footbox is proven draft-free and offers maximum versatility around camp. Use it in “mummy mode” for more warmth, “wide more” for more space, or completely flat. Convertible quilts are compatible with our Duvet Covers for use at home.

  • Origami Baffle™

    Zenbivy convertible quilts overlap when forming the footbox to allow it to taper naturally. The drawstring is curved to create a natural 2" baffle (the Origami Baffle™) that is then rolled inside and snapped so that when you cinch the footbox shut it blocks any possible drafts.

  • Semi-Rectangular Design

    Other quilts are commonly hourglass in shape, creating a pinch point that causes the quilt to grab and twist as you move. Zenbivy quilts are semi-rectangular, providing you the space and freedom to move naturally—without constriction.

  • Thermally-Mapped Baffles

    We designed our quilts for thermal efficiency, distributing the down fill to provide the most warmth where it's needed, with smaller baffles to minimize downshift. We focus primarily on keeping the heat at your core and feet, but provide ample insulation in every chamber for consistent warmth.

  • Integrated Insulated Hood

    Unlike a traditional backpacking quilt + straps combo, Zenbivy sheets feature an integrated hood to insulate your head. Sheets are available in insulated styles for full mummy bag warmth or uninsulated styles for use in warmer weather or to line with a down jacket.

  • Built-in Headboard Clips

    The sheet's integrated hood features built-in headboard clips that attach to your Zenbivy pillow to keep it from sliding off the mattress, just like your headboard at home. 

    *Only new 2024 sheets and pillows feature the clip attachments. 2023 and older models do not.


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