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  • Sure, mummy bags are warm, but they're generally very constrictive, uncomfortable, and downright unnatural. "Hybrid" sleeping bags (bags that integrate the mattress) provide a compromise. The idea is simple: remove the weight that's crushed underneath you in a mummy bag and thus rendered thermally useless and re-allocate that weight to address the mummy bag's inherent constriction and lack of versatility. In theory that's great, but combining a sleeping bag with a mattress tends to create more constriction by pinning you to the mattress. To address this, hybrid bags tend to be much larger, less thermally efficient and—you guessed it—heavier.

    We decided it was time for something better. The Zenbivy Bed is the first hybrid sleeping bag of its kind that not only matches a mummy bag in warmth/weight ratio, but does so while eliminating constriction and providing unparalleled versatility, excelling in a much wider range of temperatures.

    When paired together, the Zenbivy Bed quilt and sheet create a complete sleeping "bag" that's just as light and warm as any mummy bag, but offers far more versatility, comfort, and space to move around at night.

    Why It's Better