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The patent-pending Kylie-curve™ softly seals in warmth around your neck and shoulders while blocking all drafts from the sides.

Our Solution to the Problem

The Problem: If you've slept in a traditional backpacking quilt, you'll know they can be drafty. Some quilts add various cinches and straps to try to address drafts, but often these “features” make the problem worse. When you cinch the top drawcord on those quilts, your quilt narrows and pulls upwards at the edges, creating more drafts along the sides.

Our Solution: The Kylie-curve™ is a 3/4 length baffle-backed drawstring that cinches only the center portion of the quilt to softly seal around your neck and shoulders while leaving the edges loose to drape at your sides or tuck up into the sheet's hood to block drafts. This allows you to swivel under the quilt throughout the night—from your back, to side, to stomach—all without letting in drafts.

Why It’s Better

  • Blocks Drafts

    The shortened drawstring length leaves either corner of the quilt loose to tuck into the sheet's hood. This ensures all drafts are blocked around your neck and shoulders.

  • Camper demonstrating the Kylie-curve™. The patent-pending, 3/4 length drawstring along the top of the quilt naturally shapes an internal “dome” of space when cinched, providing ample shoulder room to move and twist freely.


    The Kylie-curve™ is fully backed with a soft baffle that span the entire width of the quilt. It's far more comfortable around your neck and shoulders than a tight drawstring with no baffle-backing.

  • No Cord in Your Face

    Unlike other quilts that cinch from the center and leave a cord dangling in your face as shown in the image above, Zenbivy quilts feature a tunnel to guide the Kylie-curve™ cord out to the corner of the quilt.