Size Guide

Locate your height on the ruler below to see which size quilt and sheet/mattress we recommend for you. Ideally, you'll want to fall somewhere in the middle of the range. If you find yourself in the yellow, you'll probably want to size up for the most comfortable fit. Please note that the chart below is based on the average weight for each height. Also note that if you are an "active" or "wide" sleeper (i.e someone who moves around a lot throughout the night), you may want to consider sizing up to allow yourself more space to sleep naturally.

When in doubt, size up. Unlike mummy bags, there is no thermal disadvantage to a larger size Zenbivy Bed because it is always free to wrap snugly around you. Bigger is always more comfortable and just as warm. 

Need help? Send an email to with your height, weight, general sleep style, and—if you have a mattress already that you plan to use with the Bed—the size of your mattress. We'll help you find the right size Bed for you! 


Which size Dry Sack do you need? Find your Bed on the image above and match it to its recommended Dry Sack size. Don't worry, with the recommended size there will still be room to throw in your Zenbivy Pillow and even a down jacket. You can expect your Bed to compress down to about half the size of the its recommend Dry Sack.