By replacing the zippers with hooks & loops, you can now attach the quilt to the sheet in more ways than before. Take a full tour of the Zenbivy Light Bed.

How does it work?

What makes the Light Bed the best ultralight backpacking sleep system?

The Light Bed accommodates a variety of sleep styles depending on how you clip it.

Mummy Mode Zenbivy Light Bed as an EN rated sleeping bag

Mummy Mode

On cold nights, clip into "mummy mode". Secure the footbox and clip both side of the quilt to the sheet to ensure a warm and cozy night free from drafts.

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The Zenbivy Bed in Rectangular Bag Mode. Comfort and range of motion while sleeping. Perfect for backpackers and campers.

Rectangular Mode

Want more leg room? Try "rectangular mode"! Clipping the bottom of the quilt to the sheet gives you more room to kick around at night but still keeps you warm.

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