The Zenbivy Light bed in the beautiful backcounty. Perfect comfort and sleeping versatility while camping.

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More than the sum of its parts.

The Zenbivy Light Bed is a two-piece sleeping bag, but it really isn't a bag at all. Bags are not designed to sleep in your favorite sleep position. Bags slide off mattresses.  Bags get twisted when you move in them. Bags are only one size (some are warm but small, some are big but cold).

With the Light Bed, you don't slide off the mattress.  You cover it with a soft sheet and lie on it, just like at home.  The separate top quilt "floats" even when zipped in, so it won't twist around you,  pin you,  or trap you. The quilt can be "tucked in" for cold weather or "untucked" for warm. The hood gives you a snug place for your head and arms, with the quilt tucked in as snugly as you want.  All without constricting your head and neck with a bag's web of cords and toggles.

Campers and backpackers prefer the comfort of the Zenbivy Light Bed.


20% Lighter than the original Zenbivy Bed and competes with the lightest blankets and mummy bags out there.

The Zenbivy Light Bed added hooks and loops to the sheet , losing weight, and creating comfort and versatility while backpacking.

Goodbye zipper, hello hooks.

By removing the zippers from both the quilt and the fitted sheet, and adding hooks and loops to the sheet itself, you can now attach the quilt to the bed in even more ways and configure the quilt into both a Mummy-style footbox, AND now a rectangular bag-style footbox.

The Zenbivy ultralight Quilt, perfect for backpackers and campers. Explore the backcountry and camp with a bed that sleeps like home.

Comfortably light.

We want light, but let’s not get weird about it. Sure, we used top-shelf 800 fill power HyperDry down.  But while other ultralight quilts shed weight by making their fabric a super thin and clingy 10d, we opted to find smarter ways to lose ounces while keeping the fabric a very soft and comfy 20d. You’re welcome.

Can your 10º bag do this?

Not only that, but you can take our ultralight beds anywhere.

3 Setup Modes = Versatility

Mummy Mode Zenbivy Light Bed as an EN rated sleeping bag

Mummy Mode

When it’s cold out, curl up in  Mummy Mode with the quilt attached into the hood while closing the footbox at the bottom—for a draft free night sleep. 

The patent pending zipper-less footbox is just as secure as a zippered design, but without the weight of zippers.  Don't believe it?  Check it out here.

The Zenbivy Bed in Rectangular Bag Mode. Comfort and range of motion while sleeping. Perfect for backpackers and campers.

Rectangular Mode

In moderate temperatures, the Rectangular Bag Mode enables a complete range of motion for your feet while keeping the covers “tucked in”.

Check it out here.

The Zenbivy Light Quilt, perfect for shedding pounds and sleeping on hammocks or sofas. Backcountry comfort.

Quilt Mode

When fast and light is the objective, leave the sheet behind and sleep directly on your mattress to shave every possible ounce. Quilt mode is also great in hammocks or on sofas.

The versatile and comfortable Zenbivy Light Bed is a quilt when you need it and a bed when you want it. Perfect for camping and backpacking.

Quilt when you need it. Bed when you want it.