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Sleep like your bed at home.

The story of the Zenbivy Bed.

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What’s your sleep style?

Side, stomach or back? Yes.

Is it a sleeping bag? A quilt? Uh huh.

Use the Quilt separately, anywhere, anytime.

The Zenbivy Bed is a boss of a quilt in its own right. Lightweight and ultra-compact, the quilt is a great option for hammocks, couches, campers or for ultra-lightweight backpackers who are counting the ounces.

How it works.

Take a tour of the Zenbivy Bed.

More than the sum of its smarts.

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Rest easy.

By firmly securing the fitted sheet to the mattress you can rest easy — your nights spent sliding off the mattress are over.

Look under the hood.

The real secret to comfort is found in the hood. It not only secures the quilt to the fitted sheet, letting you move freely in the quilt and tuck it around you like your bed at home, but it provides a warm and comfortable place to rest your head. It’s soft sleeping surface is found both inside the hood and out. It’s also deep enough to fit your arms.

Full access pass - left and right zippers.

No matter the temperature, no matter the position, the Zenbivy Bed has been designed with both left and right side zippers to let you sleep exactly how you want to.

Footbox can be zipped or unzipped to allow natural sprawling.

The convertible foot box offers the ultimate in versatility. When its cold out keep both feet in—cool out, easily put one in/one out, both in/both out—and if it’s warm out simply unzip the foot box and use the quilt like a blanket. On a bed, in a hammock or anyplace else. 

The Zenbivy pillow.

It isn’t just the cushiest most comfortable place to rest your head, the seamless integration of our pillow and hood means never having to deal with it sliding off the pad.

Mummy bag vs. Zenbivy Bed

Finally a sleeping bag you can get down with.

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