Fully Welded

Sewn and taped seams leak and the taping degrades over time. Zenbivy Dry Sacks are fully welded for 100% dry seams that will remain watertight throughout their life.

Instant Compression

Waterproof breathable panels not only leak, but they are slow. Our high-speed mechanical valve instantly dumps air while remaining watertight for quick compression you can trust.

*NEW AND IMPROVED! Our new and improved valve not only dumps air faster, but it no longer makes the "duck" sound when it releases that air. Now made to be virtually silent, you can compress your Zenbivy Bed quickly AND quietly.

Lightweight & Durable

We've found that other dry sacks on the market are either light OR durable. Zenbivy Dry Sacks are both. We’ve combined 30d ripstop nylon with a burlier 75d base to give strength where it's needed.

Compression Compatible

All-in-one sewn compression sacks pull on seams and compromise the dry sack's waterproof integrity. We’ve made ours compression compatible. Separate compression will never stress seams, resulting in a more reliably waterproof dry sack.

For those times where you need to maximize the space in your pack, simply add on the Caps and tighten the straps to instantly shrink it down. You can expect your Bed to compress down to roughly half the size of its recommended Dry Sack.

Dry Sack Specifications & Fit

Dry Sack Weight Which Beds Fit Best? Dimensions
2.3 oz

Zenbivy Light Bed 25°
Zenbivy Light Bed 40°

diameter 16.5 x 46 cm



2.7 oz

Zenbivy Light Bed 10°
Zenbivy Bed 23°

diameter 18.5 x 51 cm


2.8 oz
Zenbivy Bed 10°
Zenbivy Bed 29°
diameter 21.5 x 59 cm


Materials: 30d ripstop nylon body, 75d Polyester bottom


Compression Caps Weight
7L 2.3 oz (0.065kg)
10L 2.4 oz (0.068kg)
15L 2.6 oz (0.073kg)


Materials: 30D Ripstop Nylon, Polyurethane coating, 20mm Nylon Webbing

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