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Fast Footbox™

Zenbivy's patented Fast Footbox™ uses a single clip that allows it to expand for more space or narrow for more warmth.

How It’s Different

  • Theirs

    Other quilts with sewn fixed footboxes simply aren't versatile. Sure, they're warm, but they are also narrow, constricting, and they don't vent.

  • Ours

    Our patented semi-fixed Fast Footbox™ design offers both the warmth of a "mummy" footbox and the width of an open quilt, all with just ONE simple clip!

Why It’s Better

  • Extra space

    Unclipping the footbox allows the quilt to quickly expand for more space, so you can sleep in more sleep positions than you could a narrow footbox.

  • Better venting

    On warmer nights when you may need a cooling draft, just kick your legs out to quickly vent the quilt.

  • "Mummy" Mode

    Clip the Fast Footbox™ for maximum warmth.

  • Wide Mode

    Unclip for maximum space!