Zenbivy Light Mattress

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  • The most comfortable ultralight mattress ever designed. Soft, silent and warm with 180g of fully baffled insulation. Our unique reversible valve keeps air in when you inflate, then push the button to slowly deflate to your desired firmness. Flip the valve for deflation and the air stays out.

    Long gone are the lightheaded days of blowing up your mattress by breath. The Light Mattress includes our Inflation Dry Sack for easy inflation in under a minute. Simply snap the Inflation Dry Sack onto the mattress valve and push the air through.

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Stacy K.
So comfy!

I have back problems and am a side sleeper. Normally, if a mattress is too inflated it hurts my back, so I let air out but by the time it feels comfy I usually feel my hip hitting the ground. Not with this one! It's thick and comfy enough that I don't need to put closed-cell foam pad underneath to cushion my hip. I like that you don't have to blow it up with your mouth. Still takes quite a few stuff sacks full of air, so not necessarily quicker to inflate, but easier, and much faster to deflate. Because of the fast deflation though, if you're opening it just to use the "let the air out gradually" feature (which is great!) to get the right firmness while you're laying on it, make sure you hold the second tab down while you pull the top one off. I didn't do that once and accidentally pulled both off opening up the whole thing and sunk right to the ground losing all the air before I could close it back up. I ended up going with the larger mattress to accommodate my side sleeping because with my old setup either my knees or butt were getting a little cold sticking off, but this is wide enough. The trade-off, which I didn't think about, was that in colder weather with the quilt system, there's now more dead air on the side of me being that it's wider and so the quilt is also wider. So it solved one cold problem but created another (unfortunately I didn't discover this until after the return period, so I guess I'll just have to shove some clothes alongside me).

Grafton P.
A warm and comfy nights sleep.

I've spent a lot of nights in the woods on air mattresses and I've almost always run into some sort of complaint. They either don't hold as much air as you'd like, deflate over time, don't keep you warm, or you roll off of them. Thus far, I've spent about a week of nights on this mattress and I've had 0 complaints. The first night I slept on it, it was about 24º with really high winds. Going to bed I was quite confident it'd be a rough nights sleep but much to my surprise, I didn't wake up once! It was warm, not lumpy, and with the sheet system I was able to move about without ever leaving the mattress. Easy 5 stars, I'd recommend one to all of my friends that like living life outside no matter what the forecast calls for.

Victor U.
Never Knew

Never knew you could sleep warm in the mountains Also thick enough to not feel the ground.

Best mattress I have!

This product is lightweight, comfortable, and best of all, it is quiet. I dont have any crinkling of plastic that I have had with other mattresses. Love it! I'll use it until i wear it out, and come back for another. It's become the go-to mattress of the 3 I own.

Michael F.
Cozy, warm, lightweight. Gonna have this forever!

I've backpacked with this pad multiple times, and this winter it's been in my car for my car camping bed set-up! It's super cozy and really warm. I have the smaller one, my only suggestion would be to get the wider one! My arms tend to fall off the side haha. Overall stoked on this thing, packs up super small too.

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