The Zenbivy MotoBed™ is a complete bed system optimized for car camping.  It includes everything you need (except your favorite pillow from home) to camp in luxury, no matter where you go.

The easiest, fastest, most comfortable camping bed ever designed. The Zenbivy MotoBed™ is a complete bed system optimized for car camping.  It includes everything you need (except your favorite pillow from home) to camp in luxury, no matter where you go.

Instant comfort.

Comfort shouldn't be a hassle.  Just roll out the MotoBed™, the mattress self-inflates, you top it off to your desired comfort level, and voilà! An amazing night of sleep awaits!

Rectangular comforter? Tapered quilt? It's both.

At first glance, it may look like an old school rectangular sleeping bag, but instead it zips into a semi-rectangular quilt that is free to wrap around you, so it's much warmer and feels like your covers at home.

How about a dual layer luxury mattress—built in!

The days of semi-deflated cold air mattress are over! Our dual layer luxury mattress includes both a firmness-adjustable self-inflating mattress and a full foam pillow topper to boot. Add to that our legendary soft Pongee 50d sheet and you have a mattress that's as warm and as comfortable as it gets—without any unnecessary bulk.

Check under the hood.

We designed a built-in hood to hold your pillow and insulate your head and arms on cold nights. When it comes to comfort, we've thought of it all! 

Made for your pillow.

The only camp pillow that's as comfortable as your pillow from home is your pillow from home.  The MotoBed™ is designed to work with your full-size pillow and includes an ultra-soft pongee pillow case for the ultimate in comfort; all you have to do is provide your favorite pillow. Rest easy my friend.

Just roll and go.

When it's time to go home, simply pull the plug on the mattress and roll the whole thing up - pillow and all.  It's that easy.

Smart storage.

The bed stashes easily into the included side-loading storage bag. Simply roll the end of the bag up snugly and clip the ends together to create a convenient carry handle. Your MotoBed™ will stay clean and dry until the next time camping calls.

The ultimate all-in-one sleep solution.

The patented Zenbivy MotoBed™ is a complete system and includes:

-Rectangular Quilt

-Dual Layer Mattress

-Sheet with integrated hood

-Pillowcase (for your pillow from home)

-Convenient Carry Bag

MotoBed™ Specifications

 Size Weight Limit Rating Comfort Rating Quilt Mattress Packed Size (Length x Diameter)

8 lb 10 oz

(3.91 kg)





90" x 64"

(228 cm x 162 cm)

25" x 76"

(63 cm x 193 cm)

26" x 10-14"

(66 cm x 25-35 cm)


9 lb 12 oz

(4.42 kg)





90" x 64"

(228 cm x 162 cm)

30" x 78"

(76 cm x 198 cm)

31" x 10-14"

(78 cm x 25-35 cm)


Insulation:  200g 3d XD Synthetic
Shell:  70d Nylon Taffeta, coating-free, 210T, cire 
Liner:  50d Polyester Pongee, coating-free, 300T, cire
Zippers:  YKK #5 MUSI Interchangeable coil

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