With a minimal set up, versatility is key. One piece of gear should serve you in multiple ways. Use the Light Quilt flat like a blanket on mild nights or form the foot box when temperatures drop.

Much more than just light.

What makes the Zenbivy Light Quilt the better backpacking quilt?

Learn more about the special features and patented technology that makes the Light Quilt the best backpacking quilt on the market.

The Origami Baffle™

Convertible foot boxes allow you to use your quilt in a variety of situations, easily adapting to a wide range of temperatures. However, many quilt makers leave an open, drafty hole at the cinch that will leave you with cold feet. You'll notice that Zenbivy quilts are built with a drawcord that seems to “curve” up from the corners and onto the face of the quilt. This upward curve creates a natural baffle—the Origami Baffle™—that is then snapped to the back of the quilt so when you cinch the foot box shut, that baffle blocks the hole to securely seal in warmth.

The Kylie-curve™

The Kylie-curve™ is a 3/4-length baffle-backed drawstring on the top edge of our quilts. Unlike traditional backpacking quilts that have a drawstring spanning the entire width, the shortened cord length on the Zenbivy quilt cinches only the center portion. It softly seals around your neck but doesn't shorten the overall usable width of the quilt. Instead, cinching only the center portion leaves either edge of the quilt loose to drape at your sides to block drafts as you move and turn over.

Thermally Mapped Baffles

The perfectly engineered baffle system on the Light Quilts maximizes thermal efficiency. Smaller baffles position the down precisely where it’s needed and minimize down-shift. Vertical baffles around the upper body prevent down from sliding off your shoulders while sleeping or turning over. The horizontal baffles on the top of the foot box keep down from shifting with foot movement, while vertical baffles on the underside of the foot box guard against any drafts.

Shop Complete Light Quilt Bundles

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