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The Ultimate in Backcountry Comfort.

You could say that the Zenbivy Bed is the world's first 2-piece sleeping bag, but really it isn't a "bag" at all! Bags are restrictive. Bags get easily twisted when you try to move. Bags slide off the mattress, making each night a slippery adventure just to stay put. With the Zenbivy Bed, you can sleep just as soundly in the backcountry as you would in your own bed at home.

Our 2-piece Bed consists of a sheet and a quilt. The sheet attaches to your mattress and the versatile top quilt can then attach to the sheet. The quilt "floats", even when fully zipped in, to allow you complete freedom of movement during the night without fear of feeling trapped. The hood is integrated with the sheet, giving you a snug and secure place for your head without the constrictive mess of toggles and cords. On a cold night, zip the edges all the way up to "tuck in" or leave it unzipped on a warmer night to #SleepFreestyle. And we mean freestyle! One leg up? On your stomach? Arms out? Knees bent? The Zenbivy Bed lets you do it all.


Fitted sheet has insulated yolk that attaches to the top of a backpacking quilt.

Here's how it works.

Rest Easy

Your nights spent sliding off the mattress are over. Our fitted sheet attaches firmly around your sleeping pad to keep you and your quilt snug and secure.

The sheet has been designed to fit 20-30" mattresses, both rectangular and tapered.

Versatility to Keep You Comfortable

The convertible foot box allows you to easily regulate your sleeping temperature. On a cold night, zip and cinch it completely shut to keep both feet toasty warm. Mild evening? Leave the bottom open to allow a cool draft. When it's warm out, simply unzip the foot box and use the quilt like a blanket. 

Convenient Storage Pocket

No more rummaging around the tent in the dark, the handy pocket at the top of the hood makes it easy to find your phone, watch, or small flashlight at night.

Full Access Pass

The Zenbivy Bed has been designed with both left and right side zippers to let you sleep exactly how you want to.

Starting at 2 lbs 5 oz

It's as comfortable in your pack as it is in your tent.

Shown is the 23º bed compressed in a 10L Blocker® dry sack.

Assemble your perfect sleep system.

What do you need? A Zenbivy Bed + a Mattress of your choice + a Pillow.
Pair it with a Dry Sack and optional Compression Caps and you're good to go!