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The Original Zenbivy Bed's exclusive 2-piece design is the first hybrid sleeping bag to match the warmth/weight ratio of a mummy bag while eliminating constriction. The separate top quilt adds incredible versatility and allows you to take comfort with you on all your trips, from tent to hammock to hostel.  The fitted sheet means no more sliding off the mattress and it allows you to fully "tuck in" the quilt when temperatures dive.  Combined, the quilt and sheet create a complete sleeping bag that is just as warm and light as a mummy bag but a whole lot more comfortable.

The Zenbivy Bed includes the fitted sheet and the top quilt. Mattress and Pillow sold separately.

The ultimate in backcountry comfort.

You could say that the Zenbivy Bed is the world's first 2-piece sleeping bag, but really it isn't a "bag" at all! Bags are restrictive. Bags get easily twisted when you try to move. Bags slide off the mattress, making each night a slippery adventure just to stay put. With the Zenbivy Bed, you can sleep just as soundly in the backcountry as you would in your own bed at home.

Our patented 2-piece design consists of a sheet and a quilt. The sheet attaches to your mattress and the versatile top quilt can then attach to the sheet. The quilt "floats", even when fully zipped in, to allow you complete freedom of movement during the night without fear of feeling trapped. The hood is integrated with the sheet, giving you a snug and secure place for your head without the constrictive mess of toggles and cords. On a cold night, zip the sides to "tuck in" or leave it unzipped on warmer nights. The Zenbivy Bed allows you to sleep however you do best. Now that's backcountry comfort designed with you in mind.