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Zip it Up! Or not… How to Choose Between Zippers and Clips

Zip it Up! Or not… How to Choose Between Zippers and Clips

Zippers are everywhere, you’re probably overly familiar with them - tents, sleeping bags, jackets - they’ve all got these magical little metal gadgets. We take them for granted, but they allow us to keep out the weather with ease. A year ago we introduced our Zenbivy Bed in a weight-saving variety - The Light Bed. One of the main ways we were able to save weight is through our use of clips instead of zippers. We found we could do everything we needed with these small plastic hooks - secure foot-boxes and hold you on your sheet, at a fraction of the weight. Shopping for outdoor gear is all about deciding what your priorities are in the outdoors, so which one is right for you?


Zipper Up!
They come in all shapes and sizes and work like a charm. When built into our products, they allow you to make your foot-box for those cold nights, and to zip onto your sheet so you won’t slide off your pad. They keep the covers on, and they do it efficiently and with ease. Zippers are perfect for someone looking for convenience in situations where weight doesn’t matter quite as much. If you find yourself car camping, using your Zenbivy around the house, or camping in local drive-up spots, zippers are the way to go. Check out our Zenbivy Original Bed for that!


Clip in for Adventure!
Our clips take a little more explaining, but they’re versatile and light. we use small clips and loops to secure the Zenbivy Light Quilt into its sheet, as well as securing the foot-box. We’ve designed the baffles around these clips to seal air in the same way a zipper would so you can retain that precious insulating warm air. In the end, they’re able to do much the same things zippers do, but at a fraction of the weight. As a bonus, because you can pair different clips to different hooks, you have options for different setup ‘modes’. It’s slightly more complicated than using a zipper, but once you figure it out the first time it’s easy. If you are counting every ounce and pushing the limits in the outdoors, clips might be the way to go. You can find that on all our Zenbivy Light Quilts and Light Beds!

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