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  • How To Choose A Dry Sack

    September 16, 2020

    How To Choose A Dry Sack

    Let us tell you a little more about the Zenbivy Dry Sacks:

    They are compression compatible. Sewn compression sacks pull on seams and compromise the dry sack's waterproof integrity. We’ve made ours compression compatible. Separate compression will never stress seams, resulting in a more reliably waterproof dry sack.

    Each Dry Sack is fully welded. Sewn and taped seams leak and the taping degrades over time. Zenbivy Dry Sacks are fully welded for 100% dry seams that will remain watertight throughout their life.

    They dump air FAST. Waterproof breathable panels not only leak, but they are slow. Our high-speed mechanical valve instantly dumps air while remaining watertight for quick, easy compression you can trust.

    They are light, without sacrificing durability. Other dry sacks on the market are either light OR durable. Zenbivy Dry Sacks are both. We’ve combined 30d ripstop nylon with a burlier 75d base to give strength where it's needed.

     The Zenbivy Dry Sack features fully-welded seams for a watertight seal you can trust, instant compression through its high-speed mechanical valve, and durable yet lightweight construction.

    Now, let's move on to choosing a size:

    Below is a chart showing the Beds and which size Dry Sack we recommend for each. Don't worry, with the recommended size there will still be room to throw in your Zenbivy Pillow!

    Especially when paired with our Compression Caps, you can expect your Bed to compress down to roughly half the size of its recommended Dry Sack size. 


    Dry Sack Which Beds Fit Best?

    Light Bed 25°
    Light Bed 40° Synthetic



    Light Bed 10°
    Zenbivy Bed 25°


    Zenbivy Bed 10°
    Zenbivy Bed 30° Synthetic


      Common Questions:

      "Do I need to pair the Dry Sack with the Compression Caps?"

      That's totally up to you! Unlike all-in-one compression sacks, we made our Zenbivy Compression Caps an optional separate component because we understand it's all personal preference. Some people like to use them to keep their gear as small and compact as possible while others don't see a need to do so.

      For those longer trips where you need to maximize the space in your pack, simply add on the Caps after you've compressed most of the air out and tighten the straps to instantly shrink it down even more. 

      "Can I just stuff my Bed in the Inflation Dry Sack that came with my Zenbivy Mattress?"

      The short answer is no. Let us explain why.

      If you're asking yourself, "What is an Inflation Dry Sack??", it's a dry sack included with our Mattresses that allows you to easily inflate your mattress without having to blow into it.  

      While yes, you can absolutely use the Inflation Dry Sack to store your mattress, clothing, or other items, no, it's not ideal for compressing your Zenbivy Bed. Why? A main reason is that the air exit hole is on the bottom and the Compression Cap would cover it completely, preventing the air from escaping. Save yourself the headache. Our Zenbivy Dry Sack, with the high-speed mechanical valve on the side, is built for fast compression. That's the one you need in order to easily achieve a compact, tidy bundle of a Bed.

      "How do you fit a whole Zenbivy Bed into such a small bag?"

      Well, we can show you better than we can tell you! Here's a great video to demonstrate how we do it.

      "Is it okay to store my Zenbivy Bed in the Dry Sack?"

      When storing your Bed, it's important to give it space. To protect the longevity of the down, you never want to store it fully compressed for long periods of time. Each Zenbivy Bed comes with a large mesh storage bag. When coming back from a trip, we'd recommend pulling your Bed out of its Dry Sack as soon as you get home. If it's a nice sunny day, maybe hang it up outside for a bit to air it out and let any moisture completely evaporate before storing it loosely in the mesh bag.

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