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5 New Years Resolutions for the Outdoors

5 New Years Resolutions for the Outdoors

It’s the new year! 2019 was great, and although you may have not gotten around to reading 2 books a month or staying off twitter, we bet you had some great adventures. Cheers to that - those nights spent under the stars feeling cool mountain air in your lungs. Or setting tracks in the backcountry. Or taking the family out for an overnighter at the state park down the road. Whatever you got up to, we hope you can step it up and spend more time doing what you love in 2020. We wanted to give you a few ideas for resolutions so you can set your goals in the outdoors in the new year. And maybe just so you can have something to say when your chatty co-worker asks.

1) See more sunrises.

Pick a number, any number! How many do you want to see? Seeing sunrises is a good goal to set because you knock it out before your day even starts. You’ll feel good about waking up early and connecting back to nature. Grab a cup of coffee, drive to your spot, and just slow down for 15 minutes. Plus, I hear they’re pretty beautiful.



2) Commit to comfort!

Congrats! You nailed your resolution from 2019 to spend more time outdoors! Now it might be time to upgrade your gear - send that old Coleman tent to the 2nd hand store, put that synthetic bedroll in storage. Enough with feeling trapped in mummy bags, feeling rocks and the cold ground through your worn-out pad. Zenbivy can help with that - lighter gear helps tired shoulders, and our Zenbivy Beds and Quilts will make you feel like you’re sleeping in your bed at home. No more sleepless nights in the backcountry this year, it’s time to prioritize comfort.


3) Volunteer or donate to make trails better.

Those trails you hike on don’t just appear by themselves. Trails in most states are built and maintained by a dedicated group of outdoors-people organized by groups and non-profits. They often need volunteers and funding, so consider looking into who builds your trails and helping out! This is a sure-fire way to make your community better in 2020 and to make sure there are always safe trails and facilities to use.


4) Learn a new skill or sport.

The options are endless in the outdoors, and there’s always more to experience. If you’ve mastered the overnight, maybe try out a multi-day. Learn to snowshoe or cross country ski, so you can keep active in the snow. Hone your knot-tying skills, practice your woodchopping, learn to read maps, or how to assess avalanche conditions. Gaining knowledge will always help you be more prepared in the outdoors so you can be safer when you’re out and about.


5) Put a date on the map.

It’s easy to say you’ll get out more, but if you just take the leap and schedule a trip with a few friends it’ll actually happen. You’ll be happier and more productive knowing you’ve got something epic coming up. Plus, you can use a bigger trip as an incentive to get out and bike further, climb harder, or put in more miles to train. Planning is pretty fun too.

We hope this gives you some ideas for the new year in the outdoors. Have fun, we’ll see you out there.

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