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Bringing the Outdoors home

Bringing the Outdoors home

With social distancing in play, it's often a question on how we can still get outside and recreate while doing it responsibly. We have a few quick tips for keeping you moving and in the fresh air.

1) Hike your Neighborhood!
You can get those legs moving while not going too far from home. Skip the National Parks, State Parks, and busy trails and walk around your neighborhood. Say hi to the neighbors and all the neighborhood pets while you're out - just keep your 6-foot buffer.

2) Stay local
Explore the neighborhood or find a nook in your backyard for a hammock or picnic. Even a nice cool glass of lemonade or coffee on the front porch can go a long way. If your camping plans have been canceled, set up the tent in the back yard and roast marshmallows over the grill!

3) Get creative
Blanket forts in the living room can be an adventurous way to switch things up. Or just throwing out your sleeping bags on the living room floor for a movie. Wrap your camp quilt around you while you work for a little reminder of adventure.

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