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5 Of Our Favorite Adventure Books

5 Of Our Favorite Adventure Books

You know you’ve been putting off cracking into a book for a while, but now you have all the extra time you need. Grab your Zenbivy Quilt and dig into a few of our favorite books to keep the adventure alive till you can get out and have your own:

Travels with Charlie in Search Of America - John Steinbeck

While we’re all hanging out at home, I'm sure you've thought about how great it'd be to be out on the open road, cruising across America without a care in the world. Us too. With Steinbeck’s quintessential book of life on the road, you can take that trip, with Charlie the labrador in the passenger seat, all from the comfort of your couch.

To Shake the Sleeping Self - Jedidiah Jenkins

This true story is about a man who saved up and went on the adventure of a lifetime, from Oregon to Patagonia, by bike. It’s a story of personal growth, struggle, and a whole lot of adventure. It’s a beautifully written book, that will have you planning your next big trip.

Into Thin Air - Jon Krakauer

The living legend is one of the greatest mountain writers of our time. Here, Krakauer gives his recount of the 1996 Mount Everest Disaster, which left 8 climbers dead and several trapped in a storm. The book shares insight into the culture around Everest expeditions and the events that lead up to the disaster. It’s a fascinating read.

Outlandish - Morgan Sjogren

Outlandish is a brilliant compilation of outdoor stories and incredible recipes best cooked under the open sky. Follow Morgan as she travels around the Southwest in her yellow jeep Sunny and shares stories from her travels. Her stories include raucous Colorado burro racing, summiting South American volcanos, and life on the road. Among the camp kitchen skills, you'll learn the art of the burrito, how to make Alpine Alfredo Pasta, how to assemble a camp cook set, and get a prickly pear margarita recipe that’ll knock your socks off.

Denali - Ben Moon

This one is for all you dog lovers out there, though it might make you cry a little bit. Ben Moon is a prolific outdoors photographer who shares his personal story about his struggle with colorectal cancer, and how his dog helped him navigate his struggles while creating a career in the outdoors. It’s an incredible story of the bond between a man and a dog and it’s incredibly well written and inspirational.

So cuddle up in your favorite quilt on the couch and dig in!
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