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The Original Zenbivy Bed: Facts & Features

The Original Zenbivy Bed: Facts & Features

The Zenbivy Bed that started it all...

You could say that the Zenbivy Bed is the world's first 2-piece sleeping bag, but really it isn't a "bag" at all! Bags are restrictive. Bags get easily twisted when you try to move. Bags slide off the mattress, making each night a slippery adventure just to stay put. With the Zenbivy Bed, you can sleep just as soundly in the backcountry as you would in your bed at home. The separate top quilt adds incredible versatility and allows you to take comfort with you on all your trips, from tent to hammock to hostel.

Let's talk features...

2-piece design

Never slide off your mattress again! A Zenbivy Bed is a 2-piece sleeping bag consisting of a fitted sheet that attaches around your mattress and a top quilt that then connects to the sheet. When the top quilt is zipped to the "wings" of the fitted sheet, the Zenbivy Bed is instantly free to get wider when and where you need it to. Then just as quickly, it settles to wrap snugly around you.

Convertible foot box

The convertible foot box allows you to easily regulate your sleeping temperature in different seasons. When it's cold out, zip and cinch it completely shut to trap all that precious body heat. Mild evening? Leave the bottom cinch open to allow a cool draft. When it's warm out, unzip the foot box and use the quilt as a blanket. 

Dual side zippers

The Zenbivy Bed has been designed with both left AND right side zippers for more versatility, venting options, and convenience. Sleep exactly how you want to. Keep both sides zipped for a draft-free night's sleep or maybe leave one side unzipped to be able to easily regulate your body temperature during the night. 

Integrated hood

We didn't forget the hood! The Zenbivy Bed features a large hood that's integrated right onto the fitted sheet. It's the perfect place to cozy into on chilly nights and it's large enough to fit your arms if you're a stomach sleeper. As if that wasn't good enough, it also functions as a cubby to hold your pillow in place all night long! Inflatable pillows are notoriously tricky to keep under your head while you sleep. Just tuck your Zenbivy Pillow into the hood and rest assured that it's not going anywhere

Convenient storage pocket

The handy pocket built into the top of the hood makes it easy to find your phone, watch, or headlamp late at night.

Soft and cozy lining

Conventional slippery, sticky, tacky sleeping bag fabric didn't appeal to us... We wanted to elevate your camping experience and give you something better. Our legendary Pongee fabric is both durable and soft. Most importantly, it has a similar feel to a sheet you would use at home, bringing a familiar kind of can't-beat-it comfort to camp.

HyperDRY™ down

For our Zenbivy Bed 10° and 25°, we use premium 700 fill-power HyperDRY™ fluorocarbon-free water-resistant down from Allied.  It’s the best down you can get. Sourced according to the Responsible Down Standard, each quilt comes with a tag that allows you to track exactly where your down came from. If down isn’t your thing, we offer a synthetic option as well! And this is no dumbed-down synthetic like most brands offer. The Zenbivy Bed 30° features the exact build and same buttery-soft fabrics as the down version. We use a 1d/3d polyester synthetic that is as soft as it gets. Then we spec’d a slightly higher rating to minimize the synthetic weight penalty. All-in-all, it’s as comfortable and as backcountry-worthy as the original.


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