A Valve That Works With You.

The Zenbivy Mattresses have a unique valve that keeps the air in as you inflate and allows for customizable comfort with its slow-deflation "button" feature. When it's time to pack up, the entire valve pops out completely for fast, hassle-free deflation then flip the valve, snap it back in, and the air stays out as you continue to roll!

Flex™ Mattress — Insulation

Horizontally cored foam eliminates the cold spots found on most vertically cored mattresses and delivers a full R-value of 5 for EN-matched performance.

Flex™ Mattress — Exterior

Our 4-way stretch fabric allows this mattress to “flex” with your shape and movement, so the top feels softer and more supportive than other mattresses, even at firm air pressures.

Light Mattress — Insulation

180g of fully-baffled insulation is considered excessive when compared to most air mattresses but actually it's the minimum required to achieve R-value 5+, allowing you to get full EN rated performance from your sleeping bag

Light Mattress — Exterior

With a shell made of 20d polyester taffeta and 180g of fully-baffled insulation inside, you can say goodbye to the “space blanket crinkle” synonymous with most ultralight air mattresses. 

Mattress Specifications

 Flex Mattress  Weight R-Value  Inflated Size  Pack Size
 20x72  2lb 2oz
 5  20x72x1.75in
 25x77  2lb 11oz
 5  25x76x1.75in
 30x80  3lb 11oz
 5  30x78x2in


Top: 4-way stretch 50d polyester knit
Bottom: 75d polyester taffeta
Foam: Urethane foam
Includes: Inflation Dry Sack, repair kit, repair instructions


 Light Mattress  Weight R-Value  Inflated Size  Pack Size
 20x72  1lb 5oz
 5+  20x72x3in
 25x77  1lb 9oz
 5+  25x77x3in


Top: 20d polyester taffeta
Bottom: 20d polyester taffeta
Insulation : 180g 3d XD Synthetic
Includes: Inflation Dry Sack, repair kit, repair instructions

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