Fast & Light Bed 40° Synthetic

  • The Fast & Light Bed 40° Synthetic combines our Light Quilt 40° Synthetic with our Fast Sheet to give you a complete Bed at the lowest possible weight. It's a minimalist setup with no sacrifice to comfort!

    What is a Fast Sheet? We would never make you use a constricting quilt strap system... Straps not only pin you to your mattress but they end up leaving drafty gaps between the attachment points. This half-size sheet with an uninsulated hood weighs in at just 3 oz but packs a punch by protecting you from drafts, keeping both you and your quilt on the mattress, holding your pillow in place, and adding comfort to your mattress with its smooth 20d Nylon Taffeta. The Fast Sheet features the same hinged "wing" design as our other sheets, so you can move around easily—without constriction and without fear of drafts.

    Includes the Light Quilt 40° Synthetic, Fast Sheet, and an extra-large mesh bag for long-term storage. (Mattress, pillow, and compression sold separately)

Light Quilt Features

Fast Sheet Features

Complete your Fast & Light Bed!

Add a mattress, pillow, and compression to complete your Fast & Light Bed sleep system.