Zenbivy Repair Guide

Accidents happen, it's alright! Follow the simple step-by-step guide to repair your gear. Please send us a message if you have any questions. View our Warranty Policy here

Zenbivy Mattresses

Each mattress comes with a repair kit that contains a small tube of adhesive and a couple patches. Below are the instructions for both the Flex Mattress and Light Mattress repair. 

For Small Punctures -

1. Fill a tub with about 4-5" of water. Fully inflate the mattress until it is as firm as possible and close the valve. Submerge the mattress, section by section if needed, until you see air bubbles leaking out. Depending on the size of the puncture, the air bubbles may be very hard to spot. When you locate the leak, draw a small circle around the puncture hole with a marker.

(If you do not have a tub or body of water near you, you can use liquid soap or simply water to wet the surface of the fully inflated mattress. Listen and look for small escaping bubbles. When you find the leak, mark it as mentioned above.)

Congratulations! Locating the leak is the hardest part!

2. Dry the mattress with a towel and lay it out until it is completely dry.

If you have a Light Mattress, continue to step 3a
If you have a Flex Mattress, continue to step 3b

3a. Light Mattress - Fully deflate the mattress. Using the tube of adhesive provided, put a small dot of adhesive right on the marked puncture hole.

3b. Flex Mattress - Open the valve and release all the air. Apply a good amount of adhesive from the tube provided to the puncture hole. If the puncture is on the top surface of the Flex Mattress, you will need to use the tip of the adhesive tube to really push that glue down in there. The 4-way stretch fabric is thick and you need to make sure the adhesive gets down into the puncture hole.

4. Wait two hours for the adhesive to dry, then inflate the mattress once more and examine the repair. Ideally it is best to let the inflated mattress sit for 24 hours. If no air escaped in those 24 hours, you're good to go! 

Optional - After you complete the repair above, if you would like to cover the dried adhesive spot we recommend using a patch of gear tape such as Gear Aid Tenacious Tape.


 For Large Cut or Tear -

1. Clean the surface around the "wound". Make sure the mattress is completely deflated and laid out flat. Try to piece the two edges of the tear back together and then spread adhesive along it.

2. Two hours later, spread adhesive on the included repair patch. Place it over the cut/tear and press firmly. Wait another two hours, then inflate the mattress and examine the repair. Ideally it is best to let the inflated mattress sit for 24 hours. If no air escapes, the repair was a success.


Questions or issues? Contact us at friends@zenbivy.com