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With an ultralight backpacking quilt at its core, the Zenbivy Bed is the most comfortable and versatile sleeping bag ever designed.

The Zenbivy Bed is more than the sum of it's smarts.

Backcountry sleeping bag comfort has arrived.

The Zenbivy Bed

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Size Guide

Unlike mummy bags, there is no thermal disadvantage to a larger size Zenbivy Bed because it is always free to wrap snugly around you. So bigger is always more comfortable and just as warm.  If you are an "active" sleeper or have a "wide" sleeping position, you may want to size up to sleep naturally.  When in doubt, size up.



Fits Height

Fits Weight

Quilt Dimensions (flat)

Fits mattress

Thermarest® size


20” Sheet + Regular Quilt

4’10 to 5’10”

75 to 175 pounds

78” x 54”

20” x 72” up to 3” thick



20” Sheet + Large Quilt

5’6” to 6’6”

125 to 225 pounds

86” x 58”

20” x 72” up to 3” thick



25” Sheet + Large Quilt

5’6” to 6’6”

175 to 275 pounds

86” x 58”

25” x 77” up to 3” thick