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Owner's Manual: Double Beds

Attach the sheet to your mattress (or mattresses)

The Double Sheet needs to attach around a mattress, or pair of mattresses. If you're using the sheet on one double-wide mattress, you'll simply attach the corners around the inflated mattress, then clip and adjust the strap on the underside to keep it securely in place. 

When using the Double Sheet on a pair of mattresses, there are a few extra steps involved to prevent the mattresses from overlapping or shifting. Flip the sheet face down and insert the mattresses into the sheet's corners from the backside. Locate the loop in the center of the sheet, this will be between the mattresses, and feed the strap through that loop. Clip and adjust the strap to hold it securely in place. Next, locate the loop and snap at both the head and foot end of the sheet (again, between the mattresses) and—feeding that short strap through the nearby loop—snap those. Flip the whole thing over and that's it!

Attaching the quilt to the sheet

By attaching the quilt to the hinged “wings” of the fitted sheet, you’re blocking drafts and also keeping the quilt from sliding off you throughout the night. Attaching one side is great for side sleepers and attaching both sides is ideal when it’s cold out to block any side drafts. However, you don’t have to attach the quilt at all if you don’t want to! Test it out and see what works best for you and your partner.

To attach the quilt to the sheet, you’ll find 4 loops on either side of the quilt’s exterior that match up with the 4 loops on each side of the sheet. Pop your pillows into the sheet's integrated hood and you're ready to hit the hay!

Long term storage:

When storing your Double Bed, it's important to give it space. To protect the longevity of the down, you never want to store it long-term fully compressed. Each Double Bed comes with a large mesh storage bag. When coming back from a trip, we'd recommend pulling your Zenbivy out of its Dry Sack as soon as you get home. If it's a nice sunny day, you can hang it up outside for a bit to air it out and let any moisture completely evaporate before stuffing it loosely into the mesh bag.

Each of the down chambers is fully baffled and separated from other baffled chambers, so down can’t migrate and never needs to be “redistributed”. Simply shake the quilt out and let it sit in a warm room and it will regain its loft even after being semi-compressed for a very long time.

Detailed washing instructions can be found here.