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Step 1: Stuff Your Pillowcase

Zenbivy pillows are designed to be stuffed. SoftTop™ Pillows comes with a down pillow topper, but you could also use your puffy jacket or any other soft items you may have with you at camp.

  • 1. Pop open the valve on the pillow air bladder. Be sure to hold the outer rim of the valve while doing so and not the bladder itself.

  • 2. Insert the pillow topper (or your folded down jacket) into the empty pillowcase through the opening at the back.

  • 3. Layer the deflated bladder in the pillowcase on top of the pillow topper, with the valve near the opening of the pillowcase.

Step 2: Inflate and Adjust the Air Bladder

The air bladder sits below the soft pillow topper that you'll be sleeping on. Its purpose is to provide support and height adjustment.

  • 1. Inflate the bladder by blowing into the open valve. It should only take a few breaths—nothing crazy.

  • 2. Once inflated, you can adjust the height and level of support by simply pushing on the open valve to slowly release air.

  • 3. Once you've found the sweet spot of height & support, snap the valve back in and flip the pillow stack over—the soft pillow topper is what you'll be sleeping on!

Step 3: Clip Your Pillow Into the Hood

New for 2024! SoftTop™ Pillows and new Zenbivy sheets feature headboard clips to keep your pillow from sliding off the mattress.

*2023 and earlier Zenbivy pillows and sheets do NOT feature the headboard clips. The hood on a Zenbivy sheet will still act as a cubby to keep your pillow from sliding away.

  • 1. Pop your inflated SoftTop™ Pillow into the sheet's hood.

  • 2. Locate the 2 loops inside the hood and line those up with the clips on the pillowcase.

  • 3. Clip it in!

Step 4: Deflate and Pack It Up

When it's time to pack up, simply deflate the air bladder. You can choose to stuff all pillow components in the same dry sack as your quilt, or you can roll them up together to store separately in the included mesh bag.

  • Deflate

    To deflate the air bladder, pull it out of the pillowcase and pop open the valve. Push the center of the open valve to release air.

    TIP: The easiest way to release all the air is to ball it up in your fist as you push the stopper.

  • Packing Option #1: Backpacking

    If you're backpacking, the easiest way to pack up your pillow is just to toss all components in the same dry sack you stuff your quilt and sheet in.

  • Packing Option #2: Travel

    If you're traveling with your pillow, the best way to pack it to keep it neat and tidy is by rolling up all components together and storing them in the mesh bag that comes with all down pillow toppers.

How to Wash Your Pillow

Unlike all-in-one style camp pillows you either can't wash or have to rub down with soapy water, the Zenbivy pillowcase is completely separate and easy to wash.

To wash your pillow after a trip simply remove the air bladder and pillow topper before tossing the pillowcase in the washing machine. Use warm or cold water, tumble dry low, and avoid high heat.

If you need to wash the down pillow topper, we recommend washing it like you would a down sleeping bag or down jacket. See detailed washing instructions here.