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How Snackbar Deals With Rain on the AT

How Snackbar Deals With Rain on the AT

We asked Snackbar how he deals with rain on the AT—what rain gear does he wear? How does he keep his gear dry? How does he pack up wet gear? Here's what he had to say.


I carry the xtreme lite rain jacket from Froggtoggs. Although, I have found with most rain layers the lack of breathability makes it virtually impossible to hike for long periods of time without becoming completely drenched in sweat. Which kinda defeats the purpose of “staying dry”. Even on a trail like the A.T. which has a very wet hiking season I hardly used the jacket because of this. Only in temperatures where being wet would become a survival issue do I consider breaking out the jacket and hunkering down to wait it out. 

As far as my backpack, I carry a waterproof pack made of EPX 200 fabric. I pack all important clothing and sleep items in waterproof dry-sacks within the pack and these two lines of defense have served me well enough even in prolonged, heavy rainfall.  

My backpack has horizontal bottom/lower stretch mesh pockets that serve as a great spot for stuffing wet socks, clothing layers, and other wet gear items. Keeping them on the outside of the pack allows for quick access as soon as those sweet sun rays start to shine for the day. Find a nice clearing for a snack and lay all your wet items out to dry in what we hikers call a “yard sale”. This is a great way to spend a long lunch. 

When setting up camp in the rain I try to make sure the area I’m setting up in is not on or near a heavy slope that would lead to my tent flooding. If the rain is accompanied by strong winds I also check the campsite for “widow-makers” (dead or damaged trees that could fall during the night) 

- Snackbar

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