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Trail Update: Mt. Washington and Parking Lot Cookouts

Trail Update: Mt. Washington and Parking Lot Cookouts

Heading into the Presidentials and finishing off The Whites began with an incredible climb up The Webster Cliff Trail. Our weather window was perfect and the views in The Presidentials were spectacular. There is an excellent amount of trail systems throughout this section with lots of different route options. I’ll for sure need to hike in New Hampshire again. After a stunning few days in the Presidentials we woke up for a chilly, early morning push to the Mount Washington Summit.

The views descending northbound from Washington were mind blowing but shortly after this picture was taken wild wind and pouring rain ensued for hours on end forcing most of hikers out of the backcountry and into the Rodeway Inn in Gorham, NH and although we were retreating from the weather spirits were high and we all enjoyed some much needed rest and quality Tramily-time with the arrival of Black Betty, an AT hiker support vehicle and mobile tattoo shop?? (just kidding, well..sort of) I got a piece done of some classic AT sign graffiti and we had a cookout in the motel parking lot.

- Snackbar


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