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  • Trail Angel Stories: Spaghetti

    August 14, 2023

    Trail Angel Stories: Spaghetti

    All trail magic is random, unexpected goodness that you might happen upon throughout your hike. One day as we hiked through a burn area, I thought about what treats I’d like if I could have them. I knew we were coming up on Olallie Resort, where I was pretty confident that I could get a root beer and Cheetos. I thought about hot town meals and dreamed about what I would order from an unlimited menu.Spaghetti, I thought to myself.Meat sauce or meat balls? Meat sauce. Seems heartier. 

    We found the general store once we arrived at Olallie and I laid down in a shady campsite where our friends Twist and Headstart were lounging in a hammock. I savored my root beer and Cheetos and felt so much gratitude for this little oasis in a ten-mile long burn zone. 

    A woman wandered into our site with a covered paper plate. “I made too much food,” she told us. “Can I give this to you?” She offered up the plate. “It’s spaghetti! I made it right over there,” she pointed to a cabin. I couldn’t believe my luck. I thanked her profusely and asked her name as I drew back the foil. Meat sauce! We thanked Theresa and she walked back to her cabin. The four of us dug into the hearty plate with our own forks. Two additional hikers, Diviner and Fast Lane, got in on it too. 

    I can’t make these things up. “The trail provides” is a common phrase out here. You might not believe me—I hardly believe it myself—but it rings true day after day. The trail provides!

    - Mantis

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