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My Favorite Day on Trail So Far

My Favorite Day on Trail So Far

We entered Washington state at the very end of July. I could tell immediately that I was in a different state; the climb out of Stephenson was lush and green, and I was excited for what was in store ahead of us on trail.

Fast forward a handful of days, and we entered Goat Rocks Wilderness. Our first taste of the area came when we crested Cispus Pass. We hiked on rocky, exposed trail that gave way to beautiful green meadows that carpeted the mountain sides, speckled with wildflowers and laced with cold running streams. 

The next morning, Journey Man and I took our time climbing up to Old Snowy Mountain from camp. The views were incredible and expansive. I was on top of the world. We ridge-walked down the exposed Knife’s Edge and back to an idyllic green landscape. It was my favorite day on trail so far.

- Mantis

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