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Hopping Back Down to Northern California

Hopping Back Down to Northern California

Due to injury and wildfire-induced trail closures, Journey Man and I flipped back down south to Northern California to fill in miles that we skipped previously— 622.3 miles to be exact. We hopped back on trail from Burney and took our time working up the miles. We started with a ten-mile day, then fifteen, then low twenties. My pack felt heavy despite the small food carries, and my feet felt heavy like they forgot how to hike. Despite the difficult physical adjustment back to trail, we fell into a great new bubble of hikers. We made new friends and quickly fell back into our daily hiking routines.

We came across some trail registers and flipped back in the pages to find earlier entries from trail friends who passed through before us. California welcomed us with cool weather and a beautiful walk around Hat Creek Rim.

- Mantis

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