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Hiked 15 miles by 10:30AM to catch the breakfast buffet at Timberline Lodge! Both plates were delicious. Then we stayed and also ate the lunch buffet! We barely moved till 2:30PM. It was glorious.

WE MADE IT TO WASHINGTON! Oregon was absolutely spectacular (minus the mosquitos…). Everyone keeps telling us Washington is some of the most gorgeous parts of the PCT. Excited to see what the hype is all about! 

Speaking of hype. We went into Trout Lake. One of the most hiker friendly places I've ever experienced. AT or PCT. The hype about the huckleberry milk shake was right. But everyone is sleeping on the cheesecake. It was absolutely delicious.

Goat Rocks also lived up to the hype. We were extremely fortunate and had a clear blue sky for this section! We climbed up Old Snowy Mountain and man was it worth it. 360 views of Mt St Helen's, Mt Adams, and Mt Rainier.

Once we made it to White Pass we were graciously picked up by Twist's Dad and brought to Portland where we spent the next few days having much needed rest and recovery! We were treated to wonderful breakfasts and dinners. I've been craving some McDonald's for over 300 miles now and it was time to divulge. We ordered 80 McNuggets, two McDoubles, two McChickens and a Big Mac. I regret nothing and it was absolutely delicious.

- Journey Man

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