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July on the PCT

July on the PCT

^ Mosquito hell. The worst experience I've ever had with mosquitos. If it was any worse they would have blotted out the sun.

Left Bend late so got to camp late, but we got a sweeeeet campsite right on the ridge line of Three Fingered Jack. The Milky Way was really putting on a show and then Three Fingered Jack's colors were stunning in the morning sun.

After a decent climb we got to a campsite with two tents already set up. Found ourselves a flat enough spot with a few roots next to a nicely flowing creek.

Right next to Charlton Lake. Went for a swim before dinner. Had a hard time finding a spot because the whole campsite was full of hikers! 

Forgot tent stakes at previous campsite. Luckily this one had rocks we could use instead. After collecting enough water we stopped at the first flat dirt spot we could find. It was a wonderful little spot off trail behind a tree with Mt. Hood peaking through the forest.

- Journey Man

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