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People of the PCT: Couscous

People of the PCT: Couscous

"We met Couscous in Oregon. We talked a bit and shortly after meeting all ended up skinny dipping in a lake together. I came to find out that he loves to skinny dip in any body of water he can find, no matter how hot or cold. We leap frogged with him until we got off at Snoqualmie Pass in Washington. We were lucky enough to see him again south of South Lake Tahoe after we flipped back down. In Pinecrest one of the core memories of my hike occurred. At least 15 hikers got together at a trail angels cabin and celebrated Rosh Hashanah. It was all curated, planned and prepared by Couscous. All the hikers chipped to help make dinner, but he went out and got all the food and had been telling everyone on trail to come and celebrate for nearly a week! Even Pantry who planned on hiking out that day stayed to celebrate with all the hikers! He even had a print out for us to learn and sing songs. It was truly a special night and one I'll cherish. He is always smiling and appreciating where he is and who he's with. We also hitched into Yosemite Valley together in a massive almost military off-road vehicle where we got to sit in the back and relax at the dinner table with the occasional stop at a vista and taking pictures with our ride. It was always a pleasure being around positive people like Couscous."  - Journey Man


What's your name / trail name or both?


Where are you from?

Jerusalem Israel

Why did you decide to do the PCT?

I decided to go out in the trail because I'm a hiking addict, and this trail is one of the best in the world in terms of nature, views, diversity and Mt ranges.

What has been the most challenging thing you've encountered on trail so far?

Most challenging thing for me is going in snow and rain, I'm from a dry country and the wet conditions here can be very difficult and sketchy sometimes, I tried to avoid both of those but certainly has to face some parts of bad weather and conditions.

What is something you've learned so far on your hike?

I have learnt that being a hiker provides you a lot of generosity and kindness from many other people, hikers and trail angels. When you go out to challenge yourself, other people cheer you on and want to help you because you are doing the right thing to yourself and growing your personality.

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