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McDonald's to Wrightwood

McDonald's to Wrightwood

The climb out of McDonald's was rough. Not sure if it was the heat or all the food, but I struggled. Made it to a wonderful and much much much needed water cache. The next 30 miles to Wrightwood were dry... we hung out there for A WHILE before continuing on and night hiking for about 10 more miles. The climb would have been a lot worse in the day. The next day we eventually hit snow. A lot of snow. Blessing in disguise though because we were able to get water from snow melting off a road. We hiked through a bit of closed ski slope and made it to Highway 2 and had to road walk the 3ish miles to where the road was open. Got a hitch from a guy who was supporting their wife with her thru hike @aswewonder1 he brought us to our friend Twist's airbnb that we split. First time we saw him since Idyllwild! It was great to catch up with him and we ended up taking a zero there the next day and had ourselves a taco party with other hikers!

- Journey Man

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