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How I Pack My Pack

How I Pack My Pack

When packing my bag I usually just shove everything into the bag.

I start with everything I want to keep dry and pack it in a liner. First is the Zenbivy quilt with the sheet. It usually compresses down with everything on top of it. Then goes in Zenbivy pillow, long underwear, extra socks / down booties in a zip lock. On top of that horizontally I put my Nemo air pad so it's up against my back and makes a bit more support for my back. That usually is everything that goes into the bag liner.

On top of that goes the ditty bags. Electronics in my Zenbivy zip pouch, toothbrush, postcards, etc etc. If it's a hot day, my mid-layer goes on top of that. If it isn't going to rain, then rain pants and rain jacket. Then food bag, and finally the tent!

Exterior pockets consist of toilet bag (trowel, TP, bidet), trash zip lock, water filter, water bottle, and most importantly a few snacks. If it is going to rain, cold or windy the rain gear goes on the outside. Hip belt usually has sunglasses case, tripod, pocket knife, sun tan lotion and head lamp.

As the day continues the snacks turn into empty wrappers which begin to accumulate in the hip belt.

- Journey Man

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