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“Wide Mode” Is the Superior Footbox Mode. Here’s Why.

“Wide Mode” Is the Superior Footbox Mode. Here’s Why.

Fixed footbox quilts are great because they’re super simple to use, but they can be constricting and they lack versatility and room to move around. Our patented, semi-fixed Fast Footbox™ design offers both the warmth of a mummy footbox and the width of an open quilt, and you transition between the 2 modes with just 1 simple clip.

What is "wide mode"?

"Wide mode" is a footbox configuration available for all Zenbivy clip quilts—both our Fast Footbox™ and Convertible quilts. Wide mode is configured by leaving the top clip on the footbox undone.  Yup—that’s it! This allows the quilt to widen and gives you maximum space for your legs while still forming a footbox for your feet to tuck into.

Why did we discontinued “rectangular mode”?

Simple: using the quilt in “wide mode” is better!

If you’re not familiar with our old “rectangular mode”, that’s ok. It involved lots of clips to fiddle with and because the quilt was attached to the sheet it was restricting when you tried to bend your legs. When we decided to discontinue “rectangular mode" for our Light Beds, we did so with good reason. Using your quilt in wide mode not only gives you the extra leg room that rectangular mode provided, but it’s far simpler, faster, and overall just… better!

As far as we’re concerned, wide mode is the superior way in which to use your Zenbivy quilt.

  • It’s simple and involves just 1 clip.
  • It’s warm since it’s mechanically forced closed to block drafts.
  • Best of all: it’s roomy and gives you movability in all directions since the quilt is not attached to the sheet/mattress but rather “floats” above it.
Wide mode is the way to go. Leave “mummy mode” for those bitter-cold nights.
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