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One Quilt, Every Adventure. How To Use Sheets and Mattresses To Optimize Your Setup

One Quilt, Every Adventure. How To Use Sheets and Mattresses To Optimize Your Setup

Good gear is versatile. Once you have a quilt, you're set for any trip. Since all Zenbivy clip quilts are compatible with all clip sheets, you can mix and match your quilt with different sheets and mattresses to optimize your setup for the adventure at hand. 


How to Mix-And-Match

If you're looking for an ultralight backpacking setup, a Fast Sheet and Light Mattress is an ideal pairing for your Light Quilt. (We consider this our base Bed combo! It's the one you want if you're an avid backpacker.)

Looking for a budget-friendly backpacking setup? Opt for Core Quilt, Fast Sheet, and a Base Mattress

Transition your Light Quilt from backcountry to basecamp by pairing it with a Core Sheet Insulated and a luxurious Flex™ 3D Mattress


If you're a comfort-focused backpacker, grab a Core Quilt and pair that with a Core Sheet Uninsulated and Light Mattress to keep it at a minimal pack weight.


If you're into motorcycle touring, sea kayaking, or any other adventure where comfort is key but weight does not matter as much as space does then consider pairing your Core Quilt with a Core Sheet Insulated and a Flex™ Mattress.


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Let's Talk Details

Step 1: Choose Your Quilt

We offer 2 styles of clip quilts—Core Quilts and Light Quilts

The Core Quilt is Zenbivy's simplest, softest, and more affordable backpacking quilt. Featuring our patent-pending Fast Footbox™, ultra-soft 50d Pongee liner, supple new 30d Taffeta shell, and affordable 650-fill down and synthetic options, the Core Quilt provides maximum home-like comfort but is lightweight enough for even the most rugged backcountry adventures. 

The Light Quilt is built for performance for those that want to go far and carry minimal weight. It's our lightest and most compact quilt, but does not sacrifice comfort or adaptability with its smooth 20d Taffeta fabrics, securely draft-free Convertible Footbox or Fast Footbox™ configurations, and 800-fill HyperDRY™ down. 

Step 2: Choose Your Sheet

For starters, what is a fitted sheet and why is it a key part of a Zenbivy sleep system? Unlike traditional drafty backpacking quilts where is often feels like something's missing, a 2-piece Zenbivy Bed is complete. By attaching the quilt to the fitted sheet you eliminate all potential drafts and keep the quilt from sliding off you. On cold nights, you can tuck the quilt's corners up into the hood to protect your neck and shoulders. The hood also insulates your head and acts as a cubby to house your pillow.

We offer many different styles of clip sheets—Light Sheets, Core Sheets, and Fast Sheets. Some have an insulated hood to provide full mummy-bag warmth while others have an uninsulated hood for summer trips or to integrate with a down hoodie when you want to push it into colder temps. 

Starting at just 3 ounces, our uninsulated Fast Sheets are built for ultralight backpackers looking for the lightest and most minimal configuration. This cropped nylon taffeta sheet gives you all of the draft-protecting benefits at hardly any additional weight.

Our down-insulated Light Sheets have a smooth nylon taffeta body that covers the full length of your mattress. Starting at 8 ounces, they’re the ideal cold-weather companion to our Light Quilts, but they can also be paired with our Core Quilts for those looking for a warm hood at a lighter weight.

The Core Sheet Insulated may be our heaviest option starting at 14 ounces but it provides maximum home-like comfort with our legendary 50d Pongee fabric and an easy-to-wash synthetic hood.

The Core Sheet Uninsulated has the same Pongee build but at half the weight of its insulated sibling, it's a lighter option for those that want the soft Pongee sheet body without the extra weight in their pack. 

Step 3: Choose Your Mattress

The success of a sleep system relies heavily on your mattress. The mattress you pair with your sleeping bag should provide both comfort and warmth. All Zenbivy mattresses are properly insulated with an R-value of at least 5 for EN-matched performance.

We offer a range of different mattress, each with unique features that make them ideal for different types of trips.

The Base Mattress is our "no-frills" mattress that delivers. It's reliably comfortable, warm, and durable making it perfect for any car camping or backpacking trip and—at its low price point—it's a great option for those upgrading from a closed-cell foam mattress or buying their very first camp pad.

The Flex™ Mattress is supportive and versatile, built for maximum comfort wherever you set up camp. The 4-way stretch fabric allows this mattress to "flex" with your shape and movement so the top feels softer and more supportive than other mattresses, even at firm air pressures.

The Light Mattress is our best-selling, ultralight, all-season mattress that's both quiet and warm. With 180g of fully-baffled synthetic insulation and a shell made of 20d polyester taffeta, you can say goodbye to the loud, crinkly chip bag sound synonymous with most ultralight air mattresses and actually sleep well. (Your camp neighbors will thank you too....) 

Lastly, our Flex™ 3D Mattress is the ultimate, ultra-comfortable basecamp mattress. With it's supportive 4-way stretch stretch fabric, completely flat top, and vertical side walls, the Flex™ 3D feels like a real home mattress. It's too bulky to backpacking but it's an absolute go-to for car camping! 


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