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Fast Footbox™ vs. Convertible Footbox & What Happened to “Rectangular Mode”

Fast Footbox™ vs. Convertible Footbox & What Happened to “Rectangular Mode”

There have been some changes here at Zenbivy recently! So far this year we’ve launched our new Core Bed—which features a brand new Fast Footbox™—and we’ve launched that same simple footbox style as a new option for our best-selling Light Quilts. But a less obvious change is the disappearance of “rectangular mode” on our Light Beds. Here’s everything you need to know about the Fast Footbox™ vs. the Convertible Footbox, which one is right for you, and why the “rectangular mode” setup has been removed from the Light Sheets.  

What is the Fast Footbox™ and how is it different from the Convertible Footbox? 

Our Light Quilts are now offered in 2 different styles: Fast Footbox™ and Convertible Footbox. The brand new, patent-pending Fast Footbox™ is our simplest, lightest, and quickest option. With a single clip and minimal fuss, it easily converts from “mummy mode” for maximum warmth to “wide mode” for maximum space. In addition to both mummy and wide modes, our Convertible Footbox also unclips to lay completely flat, giving you maximum versatility in warmer temperatures and for use around camp.

Which footbox style is right for you?

When you boil it all down, the main question to ask yourself is "Will I want to use the quilt completely flat?”
"100% yes!” — Convertible Footbox it is
"Never!” — Fast Footbox™ for you 
Not sure? Next question to ask yourself would be “Do I value simplicity over having the option to use the quilt flat?” Because the semi-fixed Fast Footbox™ uses just one clip to transition it between mummy mode and wide more, it’s by far the simplest and most convenient option. If that sounds more appealing to you than being able to use the quilt flat then that’s probably the better choice. On the other hand, if you don’t mind a few extra clips + a drawstring as a trade off for more use options, then the Convertible Footbox might be a good choice. 
Other factors to consider when choosing your footbox style: Fast Footbox™ quilts are lighter (though the difference is minimal) and also cheaper than Convertible Footbox quilts.  Duvet Covers are only compatible with Convertible Footbox quilts. 

What was “rectangular mode” and why have we phased it out? 

Our Light Sheets used to feature a series of hooks & loops on the foot end. These were used to attach the convertible Light Quilt to the sheet into what we called “rectangular mode”. It was originally designed to provide extra space for your legs and feet to kick around. However, not only was the set up a bit confusing, but from the feedback we gathered it turns out that not too many of our customers ever even used this mode…! “Wide mode” on the quilt—which is a set up option that has always been built into the design of the Convertible Footbox and is a feature of the new Fast Footbox™ as well—still provides extra space for your legs and is much simpler and more intuitive to use. There’s no confusing hook/loop set up to learn or fiddle around with in the middle of the night. We’ve simplified our Light Beds to provide a better user experience while still providing the same level of comfort options. 
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