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Which Zenbivy Bed is Right for You?

Which Zenbivy Bed is Right for You?

We have a lot of cool gear, and it can be difficult to decide exactly what you need to get out on your future adventures comfortably. We want to make sure you get what you need from your sleep system, and that means matching your Zenbivy with the activities and temperatures you’re likely to encounter. So without further ado, heres a quick guide to help you choose which Zenbivy sleep system is right for you.

Zenbivy Original Bed
Are you the weekend warrior type? Do you like to get out to see the mountains but mostly car camp or camp in developed campgrounds? Do you camp only in the warm months of summer? The Zenbivy Original Bed might be the right choice for you! We designed this bed to be supremely comfortable with a soft pongee liner, so you’ll feel like you’re in a soft sheet while sleeping - just like at home. Our options of 700 Fill HyperDry down or 210g 1d/3d XD Synthetic will keep you warm down to temperatures of 23° F., or 40° F, respectively. It is packable and light, and can keep up with all but the highest performance bags on the market. Pair it with our Flex mattress to complete your setup. The Zenbivy Original Bed is a great all around bed, and can take you from the hammock to the hostel to the campground with ease. Shop the Zenbivy Original Bed HERE.


Zenbivy Light Bed
Do you find yourself in deep in the backcountry often? Are you a thru-hiking trails like the Appalachian trail or the PCT? Do you push your backpacking season into temperatures that have most people scurrying for their beds at home? The Zenbivy Light Bed sounds like the right choice for you. This bed is our top-of-the-line performer, stepping up to challenge the smallest, lightest, and warmest quilts and sleeping bags on the market. Where we stand apart from the the competition though, is comfort - you can sleep just like you do at home, without the constriction of mummy bags or quilts that pin you down. The Zenbivy Light bed comes in 25° F and 10° F options, so you can keep it small and light and push the boundaries in all four seasons. Pair it with our Light Mattress to complete your setup. If you’re a go-getter that demands a performance sleep system to keep up with the rigors of your outdoor adventures, choose the Zenbivy Light bed and never look back. Shop Zenbivy Light Beds HERE.

So there you have it! A quick, concise guide to our Zenbivy Beds. We have something for everyone, and we promise comfort, durability, and warmth, and versatility on all your adventures.

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