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The Ins & Outs of the Fast Sheet

The Ins & Outs of the Fast Sheet

Traditional quilts typically have a strap system of sorts to keep the quilt on the mattress. These strap contraptions are not only constricting but also drafty, letting cold air in at the gaps between the attachment points when the straps inevitably spin on your sleeping pad as you move. Our Light Bed solved these problems originally but now we've made an even lighter option for those looking for an ultralight, minimal setup: our Fast & Light Bed.

What is a Fast & Light Bed?

Is it as basic as a lone quilt? Is it as full-featured as our Light Bed? It's in the middle!

The Fast & Light Bed combines our Light Quilt with our half-size, uninsulated Fast Sheet. It’s an ultralight, minimal, and compact solution to constricting & drafty quilt straps. While it's not as full-featured as our Light Bed with its full length sheet and insulated hood, the Fast & Light Bed allows you to go ultralight and draft-free.

What exactly is a Fast Sheet and what makes it better than straps?

If straps are constricting, drafty, and finicky to use, then what purpose do they serve? Basically they're just trying to keep the quilt on top of you while you sleep. The Fast Sheet does that too... and more!

Explore the Features —

Draft-free Design — When you clip the Light Quilt to the hinged "wings" of the sheet, it's free to get wider where and when you need it to while preventing any drafts from the sides as you move. Then, just as instantly, the quilt "settles" to wrap snuggly around you so you can move freely AND stay warm.

Single-layer Hood — The uninsulated single-layer hood acts as a pocket to keep your pillow securely in place. On cold nights, tucking the quilt up into the hood will help prevent drafts around your neck and shoulders. 

20d Nylon Taffeta — The half-size sheet adds comfort to your mattress where you want it most: around your torso. The 20d Nylon Taffeta feels buttery-soft and smooth against your skin and also helps to keep your mattress cleaner for longer.

Ultralight & Minimal — Weighing in at just 3 oz, the Fast Sheet is ideal for the ultralight backpacker looking to complete their Zenbivy Light Quilt. The minimal and uninsulated sheet is perfect for those warmer summer trips when you want to ditch some ounces in your pack.

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