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Owner's Manual: Quilt Liners

There are 6 attachments points on the Quilt Liner: 2 on the right side, 2 on the left side, and 2 on the bottom.

The instructions below feature our Convertible Light Quilt, but note that the Quilt Liner works on all Zenbivy Quilts—both Convertible and Fast Footbox™. The attachment points have been built into every Zenbivy quilt since we started!

1. Lay your Zenbivy Quilt out with the lining facing up. Locate the 4 bungee loops on your quilt. There are 2 on either side. Spread out the Quilt Liner out on top of your quilt and match the snaps up with the bungee loops. Snap those.

2. The bottom snaps on the Quilt Liner will match up to the cord loops on the bottom edge of your convertible quilt. Snap those. 

3. To form the footbox on your convertible quilt with the liner attached, locate the button and button-hole on either side. Button that. Then form the footbox as you normally would. See our Owner's Manuals for further instruction on footbox formation if needed.