Zenbivy Flex Mattress Owner's Manual

Inflating your Flex™ Mattress the first time:

Because the mattress was super-deflated right after manufacturing, it will need help inflating the first time.  Inflate it using the included Inflation Dry Sack until it is very firm to fully expand the foam.  Ideally, you would let it sit like this overnight to let the foam fully expand. After that, you will notice it will self inflate normally.

Storing your Flex™ Mattress:

Note that your mattress will self inflate much more quickly if, between camping trips, you store it with the valve fully open and the mattress completely flat. We understand that most people don't have the space to store it that way though. If that's the case for you, roll it up lightly (not folded) and store it with the valve open.

To inflate:

1. Pull the valve completely out and allow the mattress at least 15 minutes to self inflate.

2. Instead of allowing it time to self inflate, you can couple the Inflation Dry Sack with the valve for faster manual inflation. Make sure the valve is inserted in "inflate" mode, with the green center button facing out (the large, circular part of the green valve will be inside the mattress). Roll the Inflation Sack from the top to squeeze the air into the mattress. Repeat until the mattress is firm, then remove the Inflation Sack from the valve. 

3. Before placing the cap on the valve, lay on the mattress on your side and push the green "button" to slowly deflate until your hip just bottoms out, so you are using the full depth of the foam.  This is a great starting position to determine how firm or soft the mattress should be to work best for you.  Note that most people tend to run the mattress too firm.  Softer is generally more comfortable even if you sleep on a firm mattress at home.  Experiment to determine what works best for you.

4. Secure the valve with the outer cap. Note: If you want to adjust the pressure after the outer cap is attached, you will need to hold the valve in place when removing the cap to avoid pulling the valve completely out.

To deflate:

1. Pull the valve completely out.

2. Loosely roll the mattress (without folding) and push out as much air as possible. Kneel on the mattress to keep the air out while you insert the "deflation" valve, the side with the large round circular part of the valve on the outside and the green button facing to the inside of the mattress.

3. Unroll the mattress and fold it in half. Tightly roll the mattress, pushing out any remaining air. Secure the valve with the outer cap.


Flex Mattress Repair

Accidents happen, it's alright! Follow these simple step-by-step guides to repair your mattress. Please send us a message if you have any questions. View our Warranty Policy here.
For Small Punctures -

1. To locate small punctures, inflate the mattress fully (this may require you to top it off with a couple breaths), then close the valve.

2. Apply any liquid soap to wet the surface of the mattress. Small escaping bubbles will indicate the puncture. Mark the punctures and dry the mattress.

3. Open the valve and release the air, then apply a good amount of adhesive from the tube provided to the puncture hole. Wait two hours, inflate the mattress and examine the repair.

 For Large Cut or Tear -

1. Clean the surface around the "wound". Make sure the mattress is completely flat. Trying to piece the two edges of the tear back together, spread adhesive along it.

2. Two hours later, spread adhesive on the repair patch. Place is over the cut or tear and press firmly. Wait another two hours, then inflate the mattress and examine the repair.

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