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Inflating Your Mattress for the First Time

Because the mattress is super deflated right after manufacturing, it will need help inflating the first time.

When you receive your new Zenbivy self-inflating mattress, follow the instructions below to inflate it until it is firm to fully expand the foam. Let it sit inflated overnight to let the foam fully expand. After that, you will notice it will self-inflate naturally.

Step 1

Remove the velcro strap and unroll the mattress. Lay it out flat.

Step 2

Locate the valve and pop the gray cap off, keeping the red valve inserted in "Inflate" mode as shown in the photo.

Note that the red valve is reversible. There is an "Inflate" mode to keep air in while you inflate, and a "Deflate" mode to keep air out when you go to pack it up.

Step 3

Snap the inflation sack onto the red valve.

Step 4

Gather air in the inflation sack and push the air through to inflate the mattress. Keep going until the mattress is fully inflated and firm.

Step 5

Once the mattress is fully inflated, uncouple the inflation sack. Be careful not to pop the red valve out while doing so! Then cap it off and let it sit overnight to allow the foam to fully expand.

Inflating Your Mattress on Trips

After the initial manual inflate, the mattress should self-inflate naturally the next time you use it. You may still need to top it off with air.

Step 1

Roll your mattress out flat and pop the red valve out completely. Allow the mattress to sit for at least 15 minutes. It will self-inflate most of the way as the foam expands.

Step 2

After the mattress has self-inflated most of the way, you may need to top it off with more air.

Pop the red valve back in on the "Inflate" side and couple the inflation sack to it. Gather air and push it through until the mattress is firm.

Step 3

Before capping it off, lay on the mattress and determine if the air pressure is comfortable for you. If you want to slowly release some air, simply push on the green "button" in the valve.

Step 4

Once you've found the sweet spot and are satisfied with the comfort level, snap the gray cap back on and you're ready for bed.

How To Deflate and Pack Your Self-Inflating Mattress

Step 1

When it's time to pack up, pop the entire valve out.

Step 2

Starting from the foot end, begin to roll the mattress up towards the head (valve) end. It doesn't need to be perfect at this stage, you're just trying to get most of the air out.

Step 3

Once you roll your way up to the valve end of the mattress, insert the red valve in "Deflate" mode and unroll the mattress flat again.

Step 4

Fold it in half (or thirds if you prefer) and—starting at the foot end again—begin to tightly roll the mattress up towards the valve end.

Step 5

Pop the gray cap on when you are done rolling and secure the mattress roll with the included velcro strap.

Step 6

Slide the mattress back into its inflation storage bag.

*The Base Mattress does not include an inflation sack.

Step 7

Roll the top of the inflation dry sack down and clip the ends together to secure it.

Note the Flex™ 3D Mattress inflation sack is a different style. You will cinch it closed.

Tips for Storing Your Self-Inflating Mattress

If you know you'll be storing your mattress for a long period of time between trips (i.e. in the "off season"), it is best to store it with the valve open so the foam has room to expand. Simply roll it up loosely and store it with the valve popped completely out.

Cleaning Your Mattress

To do an overall wash, deflate the mattress completely and soak it in warm water in the tub. Make sure the valve is closed and capped! Use a mild soap or detergent and a wash cloth to rub any dirt, marks, or stains out. Rinse the soap off and lay it out to dry completely before storing it again. You can also spot clean the mattress with soapy warm water it if that’s all that’s needed.