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Trail Update: Pennsylvania Rocks

Trail Update: Pennsylvania Rocks

Pennsylvania is a low elevation state with tons of farmland, corn fields, and rocks. Lots of rocks. For these reasons the actual hiking trails in this state do get monotonous. But nonetheless some incredible trail magic and awesome company made the second half of July special. 

Heading out from Duncannon, PA (one of my favorite hiker trash towns on trail) we wait by the train tracks, have coffee and few smokes before heading up the climb out of town. The next town we stopped in was Port Clinton. Here I am having a hiker explosion, reorganizing gear and planning my resupply. Most of us took a zero day in Port Clinton, had a few beers and painted each others nails, better known as a Kenny Cure on trail (hiker Kenny Powers special) 

From there we made it to Wind Gap where we met an awesome dude named TJ (who is now officially an AT trail Angel) he invited us over for burgers and hotdogs. Then let 12 of us crash for the weekend in his yard, living room and camper. On Sunday he took us Kayaking on The Delaware River from there it was just a short push to Delaware Water Gap (our last stop in Pennsylvania) and on the evening of July 31st, I crossed the Delaware River on foot, making my way into New Jersey and hitting the 1300 mile mark just before bed. Not a bad way to close out July. On to the next chapter of this trip.

- Snackbar

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