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  • Made it to the Mason Dixon Line

    July 17, 2023

    Made it to the Mason Dixon Line

    July has been an exciting month so far. On July 1st we arrived in Front Royal Virginia, the last stop northbound through Shenandoah National Park. A few local businesses opened a hiker basecamp next to the local brewery and offer free showers, lockers and laundry to hikers as well as ½ off your first two beers. I tagged the graffiti wall while waiting for my clothes to dry.

    We still had a few miles left in the park after of zero in Front Royal and I found a new friend, “Not” Peter the “hitch”hog while road walking Skyline drive. He lives on the outside of my pack now. 

    July 4th was quickly approaching so we hitched up to Cross Trails hostel near Harpers Ferry for the 4th of Tie Dye hiker party and I lounged about in an inner tube, ate hotdogs and we all had a blast.

    After hitching back a few miles to pick up where we left off I hit the 1000 mile marker. That same day we finally made our way out of Virginia and said goodbye to the Virginia Blues. Hello West Virginia, and shortly Maryland.

    One major stop while in West Virginia is of course the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. Here, hikers can get a commemorative photo taken and added to the hiker yearbook.

    After heading across the bridge from Harpers Ferry, we made yet another stop by Cross Trails where I retired my first pair of shoes with over 1000 trail miles on them they were in pretty solid condition.

    After only a few short, mellow days of hiking I Finished up Maryland, hit the Mason/Dixon line, left the south and into the north we must go. High hopes for Pennsylvania.

    - Snackbar

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