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June on the AT

June on the AT

Morning of June 1st 2023, ¼ of the way to Katahdin

The Quarter Way INN is a gorgeous spot just off trail shortly after us Hikers reach the ¼ to Katahdin marker along the AT.

The morning of June 4th was a hard fight (for me personally, it was actually a pretty mellow ridge) to the 600 mile marker

8:12am still carefully contemplating if it is “really time” to pack up my quilt and face the rainy, chilly morning ahead

Earned my coveted Vortex Patch after my first Double Zero (2 rest days in a row) in Pearisburg, VA (mile 637 of the Appalachian Trail) at Angels Rest Hostel. It was Zerolicious! 

Selfie from my first truck bed hitch of the trail. Normally I love a hitch in a truck bed, but this was a winding Virginia highway and there was no tailgate on this truck 😳

Sunrise from the ledges along the climb to Dragon's Tooth (Mile 702 of The Appalachian Trail) Awesome option for a Virginia day hike with spectacular views 

Hiker Chores at Stanimals 328 in Glasgow, VA. Hanging my quilt up in the shower to dry after a long few days of hiking and camping in heavy rain.

Skyline Drive is a gorgeous stretch of road through the Shenandoah National Park. Cyclist, motorcyclist, RVs, Hikers and animals all share the road and the views.

Hazy days in Shenandoah National Park. In part this haze is due to the fires up north but paired with the humidity and moisture in the area it sure made for a beautiful morning on July 1st.

- Snackbar

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