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Trail Update: 1/3 of the way there!

Trail Update: 1/3 of the way there!

Heading out of Daleville, VA (mile 730) I hit the ⅓ of the way to Katahdin sign. The following afternoon the trail began to intersect with the famed Blue Ridge Parkway. Some hikers choose to walk a portion of the miles through this section on the parkway as the trail runs parallel and the views are better seen from the road and outlooks along the parkway. Another big milestone just before Buena Vista, VA (mile 809) was the 800 mile mark.

Many of the small trail towns along the AT don’t have common fast food spots and as much as I love checking out the local cuisine I had been craving Chipotle for weeks and finally, after 864 miles of hiking, my burrito dreams had come true in Waynesboro, Virginia. 

Nearby to Waynesboro is Charlottesville which I had found out is home to an Alamo Drafthouse, a Texas (my home state) based movie theater chain and my favorite place to catch a flick. So I messaged my old boss (I used to work there) and asked for some perks for me and another hiker. Great way to spend a Nero (hiker term for a nearly zero-mile day, we hiked out that evening)

Leaving Waynesboro the trail enters Shenandoah National Park. Only a few days left in the state of Virginia from this point. Next Stop Harpers Ferry, WV and on to the halfway mark!

- Snackbar

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