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Pristine Lakes & Other Finds on the CDT

Pristine Lakes & Other Finds on the CDT

As I approached the Wind River range in Wyoming, the trail wound through a beautiful valley and along upper and lower Green Lakes. I took a side trail along Upper Green Lake and found a campsite nestled in the trees. I woke to this incredible view of Squaretop Mountain just as the sun was peeking over the ridge and the morning mist hovered over the lake.

Taking some time off for a side quest! I visited with a friend and went for a hike in Grand Teton National Park. Pristine lakes, beautifully maintained trails and a breathtaking new mountain range.

Sometimes you find a beautiful spot but your tent doesn't quite fit. In this case, I just couldn't pass it up and wedged my tent in anyway. This beautiful lake in the Winds was such a treat. I even had a weekender out with his family come and visit for a bit, some welcome social time after a number of days hiking alone.

There are a lot of bones on the CDT-skulls, vertebrae,  you name it. This however was the first set of intact antlers that I have found!

- Scribe

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